The best bib to keep clothes clean!

Our story

Do you know that moment when you finished dinner with your little one and are ready to take off the bib?

You lift your cutie pie out of the highchair or booster seat and what you discover is a ton of food on the lap or stuck in the corners of the chair.. and there in that moment, you wonder what happened?

Why are your baby’s pants stained and the chair looks as if half the meal just dropped right on it? Wasn’t that exactly the reason you put on a bib?

I’m a mom of three and I have gone through too many of these moments. I thought I got the wrong bibs and ended up purchasing a ton of different bibs trying to find the one that actually keeps my highchair from needing a complete wash every night and my toddler from needing a new outfit after every meal.

I tried different shapes and materials, ones with little spill pockets and even purchased an art smock but none of them would actually do the job they promised to do. 

So one day, I decided to solve this problem myself. I pulled out my sewing machine and created the bib I have been looking for. 

I spent hours after hours in figuring out and testing the best option until I finally had it. The Hero Bib was born!

It’s since been a wonderful experience to share the Hero Bibs with other moms and help them make mealtimes more clean and fun.

I hope you enjoy your Hero Bib just as much as we do!

Ramona & Family